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Licensed Sign Contractor (A-1)
Any contractor required by law to maintain an active State of Nevada contractors License and whose primary business is the manufacture, installation and/or maintenance of on-premise signs in the State of Nevada. 

Sign Company (A-2)
Any company not required by law to maintain a State of Nevada Contractors License in order to engage inthe company's principal business related to the on-premise sign industry.

Sign Supply Distributor (B-1)
Any multi-product line company whose principal business is the supply and/or distribution of products to the sign industry.

Sign Product Manufacturer (B-2)
Any limited-product line company and/or their manufacturer representative whose product line is incorporated into the finished product by the sign industry.

Associate (C-1)
Any company and/or organization that conducts related business with the on-premise sign industry and whose principal business operations involve consulting services, publications, insurance, trade schools, government entities, and/or other professional associations.

Current Members

Rebecca Cron
Business Phone: 800-328-3908
Business Information
Service Area: United States, Global
Service Available: 3M Graphics helps customers worldwide build brands by providing complete large-format graphics and light management solutions. 3M manufactures or certifies lighting solutions, graphic films, graphic protection, flexible substrates as well as inks and toners used to create large-format finished graphics that are consistent, reliable, and durable.
Stephen Dwyer
Business Phone: 877-462-5832
Business Information
Service Available: New/used aerial trucks/cranes, rental equipment, mobile service technicians, trade in, auctions.
Patrick Mulholland
Business Phone: 760-889-7581
Business Information
Sue Brown
Business Phone: 800-538-8377
Business Information
Service Area: National and International
Service Available: Manufacturer of dimensional letters for the sign industry including: formed plastic letters, injection molded plastic letters, precision laser and flat cut plastic letters, cast aluminum and bronze metal letters, precision flat cut and waterjet cut metal letters, GemLite trimmed letters, GEM Brand trimcap, aluminum and bronze plaques, injection molded channel letters for Neon or LED illumination, custom letters and logos, changeable copy letters, track and accessories, gas pricing numerals, theater marquee letters, frames and track.
Tom Johnson
Business Phone: 267-218-5033
Business Information
Service Area: 12 Western States
Service Available: Lighting is our reason for being. It's all we've done since 1945, developing energy-efficient lighting solutions for the industry's most discerning customers. From legacy fluorescent lighting systems to the latest LED technologies, Keystone is singularly focused on being your one-stop shop for high-quality lighting products.
Mirek Rusinski
Business Phone: 520-483-5398
Business Information
Richard Matas
Business Phone: 325-227-4577
Business Information
Nate Streit
Business Phone: 612-335-4394
Business Information
Charles Blanchard
Business Phone: 888-783-5335
Business Information
Service Available: Solid cutout, reverse channel letters, acrylics, laminates and synthetics, raster braille, LED, abrasive waterjet technology and router--exclusively to the sign trade.
Mark Zannis
Business Phone: 800-637-2645
Business Information
Service Available: Manufacturer of electronic message centers and video displays.
Steve Heyd
Business Phone: 775-885-2015
Business Information
Service Available: Wholesale sign manufacturer