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Member Logo Downloads and Guidelines
NSA Member Logo Downloads and Guidelines for Use

Among the privileges of membership in the Nevada Sign Association (NSA) is the right to use
the NSA member logo. The Association’s member logo is the property of NSA.
However, NSA grants a license to use the NSA member logo to its members in good standing.
Members can use the NSA member logo according to the terms listed below:

  1. NSA members in good standing, with current dues paid, may identify themselves as such by using the logo on business premises, trade advertising, websites, and member company materials, subject to the following restrictions:
    • The logo may never be used independent of the term “Member” as set forth on the logo graphic.
    • The logo may not be attached to or be a part of any sign product.
    • The logo must not be used in such a way as to state or imply, directly or indirectly, that NSA endorses any particular company, product or service, or that NSA has tested, certified or approved of any product or service in any fashion.
    • The logo composition must not be altered or excerpted in any way and may only be used in the form in which it appears on logo sheets or logo files provided by NSA.
  2. The logo size may be adjusted to suit individual needs. The logo must be used as is in black and white or in full color.
  3. The logo may not be conveyed by NSA members to nonmembers as nonmembers are not entitled to use the logo in any form whatsoever.
  4. Violation of these guidelines may result in the termination of a member’s right to use the member logo.
  5. If a different file format is desired, please contact the Nevada Sign Association office.
  6. Any questions concerning use of the logos or the terms and conditions of thislicense should be directed to the Nevada Sign Association:

            Nevada Sign Association
            17235 N. 75th Ave., Ste. D145
            Glendale, AZ  85308
            (702) 286-2864 Tel
            (602) 789-9126 Fax

Color logo in jpg format                              Black and white logo in jpg format




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